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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the You Can Argue That team! Subscribe to our You Tube page( click the hyperlink) and to the website. Support Houston’s one stop shop for sports and now Culture as we work towards featuring more content! Follow our Twitter Page @ youcanarguethat. Conquer your goals, pull up a chair and argue with us!

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Man in the Mirror

Where are we right now as a society? Are we really making improvements and strides? These are questions that needs to be not only asked but truly answered. Not the typical scripted answers from legal teams. No. We need to evaluate ourselves and ask ourselves, do we care. As I look around to what is taking place in sports, I’ve concluded

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Texans owner Bob McNair dies at 81

It’s a sad day in Texan land. Robert “Bob” McNair has been pronounced dead this evening. Details of his death has yet to be revealed, but McNair has had a history of battling cancer in the past. McNair has been involved in many controversies as of late, the most recent being him referring to the NFL players as “inmates”. Regardless

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