Houston SaberCats holds try-outs

Houston, you have rugby!

The Houston Sabercats is the city’s first Pro-Rugby team. A lot of responsibilities comes with being the first. The most important responsibility is giving the city a reason to come and support the team in the first official season. One way the Sabercats organization has worked towards giving the city a reason to come out has been holding a team try out for the residents of Houston.


Try outs were held at First United Methodist Church, and it brought out more than 50 Sabercats hopefuls. The great thing about the city of Houston is the city will support, and what better way to gain that support by hosting a try out where Houstonians can showcase their rugby talents? Granted, some hopefuls should’ve reconsidered their bid and playing rugby as a whole.

The bad:

While others showed they were capable of actually playing the sport of rugby.

The Good:

Either way, there a sense been fans have been waiting for the moment Houston was able to have a team. The try outs were a bonus! I had a chance to catch up with player/coach Sam Windsor about what they’re looking for and more.

The SaberCats season starts soon and you don’t want to miss out! Follow the team on Instagram at Houstonsabercats for team updates!!

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